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More Good News


As you’ve probably heard, I’m making the transition to a community of consecrated life called Voluntas Dei, a Secular Institute of Pontifical Rite.  In previous E-Blasts, I explained that my work as a priest will now be focused on evangelization – that is, trying to reach people “outside” the church walls.

Pilgrims in the Holy Land


So that means I’ll have the opportunity to do even more to help spread the Good News through our Grace Before Meals movement; our Radio Show on Sirius XM 129; our TV show Savoring our Faith on EWTN; and our presentations, pilgrimages, and books.  Here are a few upcoming items to help show you how we’ll use this new responsibility to hopefully address the spiritual “hungers” of God’s people.

The view from the Church of Dominus Flevit – “The Lord Wept” – Holy Land, Jerusalem.

(1)  Our NEW Grace Before Meals BOOK is set to be released February 11, 2014!  It’s called, EPIC FOOD FIGHT: A Bite-Sized History of Salvation.  It outlines a “theology of food” and will help everyone better understand the Eucharist as the Food that leads to Eternal Life.

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 (2)  We’re already planning more trips for the fall of 2014, including food and faith trips to New York and Napa Valley.  And we’ll offer even bigger trips to international destinations in 2015.  This most recent foodie pilgrimage to the Holy Land was such a success, so we need to start now to plan another trip (possibly two to the Holy Land) for next year!

Founder and some of the members of chefs for peace, as well as two local restaurant chefs for our final banquet.


(3)   Presentations, Missions, and Cooking Demonstrations.  With this new role and responsibility, we’re now filling up the calendar with requests for presentations, parish missions, and other live appearances to share the Good News of Grace Before Meals.  So this is your time to consider speaking with your priest or organization about bringing our Grace Before Meals message to an area or an event near you.

Click here to request Fr. Leo for your event!

Our letters of recommendations and support from so many different groups show our message is for everyone and that it will change your life for the better!

(4)  We have NEW VIDEOS coming out in Lent with Catholic Relief Services Global Kitchen, to highlight five recipes for the CRS Rice Bowls.  In these webisodes, Grace Before Meals teams up with Catholic Relief services to share messages of hope, faith, and love – all through food!  So stay tuned for these fantastic, simple, and delicious meals to come!

A shot from this year’s production for CRS Rice Bowl Global Kitchen: For Lent, For Life. Tune in this Lent!


(5)  We also have a special announcement coming out in a few months for people who are gluten intolerant.  However, we can’t give out the specifics just yet.  Let’s just say, this announcement will be very “Good News” for people who struggle with this condition.  It will definitely inspire your faith to hear that when it comes to receiving The Lord in the Eucharist, Grace Before Meals is leading the way so people won’t have to worry about this allergy and disease.  But again, more information will be coming soon!

The Eucharist

Even though we’re only one month into the new year, we hope our efforts will give you much to look forward to in 2014!



  • What big plans do you have for this upcoming year?
  • How can Grace Before Meals be of a positive resource for you?
  • To what country or destination would you like to see Grace Before Meals lead a pilgrimage?
Please post your comments and questions. These mean so much to our Grace Before Meals team and our community of faithful foodies. 

Let us pray:

Father in Heaven, You treat us with love and compassion.  While we can plan all we want in these days and months ahead, we also recognize that You are ultimately in charge.  Our job, therefore, is to plan and work as if everything depends on us, but to pray as if everything depends on You, our Good God.  Help us to be determined, but at the same time flexible.  Conscious of our schedules, but also open to Your Divine Will.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. 



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