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Time for Transition!

Happy New Year to you and your families!

At the beginning of this year, our Grace Before Meals team has a very special announcement. We put together a video to describe a transition that I’ll be making in my priestly assignment.

 Click to watch the video and learn about the exciting things that are happening this year!

As of January 1, 2014, I’ve received permission from the Archbishop of Baltimore to pursue an application to join a Community of Consecrated Life, called Voluntas Dei (A Latin Phrase that means, “The Will of God”).  This is a Secular Institute of Pontifical Rite.  This is a unique group of priests, celibate laymen, and consecrated married couples.  I have been discerning this group for the past seven years!

The charism of this community is to be like the Virgin Mary at the annunciation, saying “yes” to God’s will!  Voluntas Dei per Mariam Immaculatam.

For me, that practically means that if accepted into Voluntas Dei, I will continue my priestly work but with a special consecration.  The Archbishop has given me the assignment to be a supplemental sacramental and pastoral minister, basically on a part time level, helping out parishes within the Archdiocese of Baltimore as needed. At the same time, this will allow me to focus on the work of Evangelization in the modern world, and particularly direct my energies towards the Grace Before Meals apostolate.

There is so much more exciting news to tell you about this community, its wonderfully practical spirituality, and the good work that they do in the name of the Catholic Church. But, more will come in upcoming emails, newsletters, video posts and email blasts.

For now, I want to offer you this important news, to ask for your prayers, trust in mine for you, and to wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Questions and Considerations
(1)  What do you discern as God’s will for you this year?
(2)  Send Fr. Leo and the Grace Before Meals team a prayer or request?
(3)  In this year, consider bringing the Grace Before Meals message and Fr. Leo as a speaker or presenter at your next event.
Your comments and questions will help keep our focus and energies on bringing more people to the Table!  Post your comments below.

Let us pray:

We bless your name, O Lord, for sending your own incarnate Son to become part of a family, so that, as he lived its life, he would experience its worries and its joys.  We ask you Lord, to protect and watch over this family, so that in the strength of your grace, its members may enjoy prosperity, possess the priceless gift of your peace, and, as the Church alive in the home, bear witness in this world to your glory. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
(Prayer for Families from the Book of Blessings, the Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN 1989)
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