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Corn Tortilla Soup


View of Bodega Bay, Ca.

This summer I visited the Bodega Bay area in California.  It offers such a different feel from the rest of state that it reminded me how guilty I can still be of stereotyping at times. Stereotypes in general aren’t helpful, so I’m happy to say that this beautiful coastal part of the world really humbled me.  It made me realize (once again) how big our world is.  While I’ve traveled quite a bit to spread the Good News and our Grace Before Meals movement’s message, I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I shouldn’t be surprised, though.  God who made the world reflects His deeply mysterious and beautiful presence in and through His creation.

Natural rock formations high above the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s amazing to drive from a serene coastal area complete with foggy mornings and chilly evenings in July, then drive just about one hour to the almost Tuscany-like Italian terrain and weather of Napa Valley.  Go a different direction and you’ll encounter Giant Redwoods.  Or drive in yet another direction and see the mountain view from a historical lighthouse still in use today!

View of Castello di Amarosa in Napa Valley.


And talk about diversity?  We stopped in San Francisco for a visit and came across goats being used to eat through overgrown weeds and brambles.  Not exactly what I thought I’d see in a big city – but then again, stereotypes shouldn’t apply.

What looks like a difficult task for landscapers, these “hired” goats find this an urban smorgasbord.


Yes, God continues to humble me through my traveling ministry as an “itinerant preacher.”  He reveals His beauty through nature.  It is our job to preserve it and celebrate it.  And, of course, one of the best ways to celebrate God’s glory is through food!



Statue of St. Francis of Assisi located at the Franciscan Winery in Santa Barbara, Ca.

To help get through some of the chilly evenings at Bodega Bay, I made a tortilla soup using leftover nachos.  Our group already had our share of these as a snack, and over a period of days, the chips lost their crispy crunch.  But I didn’t want to waste the chips, even if they aren’t very expensive food.  So, in the spirit of not wasting, and in the spirit of trying to be more like God – who can create something remarkable out of nothing – I let the creative juices flow, and voilà:  creamy tortilla soup.  The creamy deep flavors of a familiar snack, but elevated with white wine, cheese, and fresh cilantro.  It’s hearty, sophisticated, and breaks the stereotypes of how to eat regular store-bought (and leftover) nachos!

For this delicious recipe click the picture below:
Creamy Corn Tortilla Soup

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