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  Food For Thought:  Sourcing Ingredients

The culinary phrase, “sourcing ingredients” simply means getting all of the products you need to make a meal.  For me – the priest who connects food and faith – the connection is quite simple:  if you want to have a dish come out well, you need to follow the recipe, but must also source the proper ingredients.  In the language of faith, you won’t ever achieve holiness, unless we actually have certain ingredients and utilize them well.

But what are the ingredients needed to produce a good and holy faith?  Let me just list some of the basics needed in your religious pantry:  prayer, a roper attitude, devotions, a community of believers, a properly formed conscious, discipline, education in what God teaches, the Sacraments, and a daily discipline to joyfully live according to God’s commands as taught by the tradition, scriptures, and magisterium.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these basic ingredients help us produce a good and holy faith.  I realize this list may seem like an overwhelming number of “ingredients.” But this list is common sense and quite accessible.  This Lenten season provides an opportunity to make sure we have the ingredients we need to celebrate our Christian Faith well.  To help, I’ve listed a few resources to help you “source the ingredients.”

(1)  Spiritual Reading.  Get a good spiritual book and read it!  The book “Epic Food Fight: A Bitesized History of Salvation” has been called by George Weigel, “A winsome approach to our Church teachings.”  George also said this about our Grace Before Meals movement:
The “New Evangelization” proclaimed by Pope John Paul II takes the people of the Church into many different venues — including, says Father Leo Patalinghug, the kitchen. And why not? The Master himself did a lot of his teaching over meals, and identified himself and his enduring love for his people with bread and wine. Catechetics-through-cooking might seem new, but it’s as old as the Gospels, and in Father Leo, this ancient craft has an engaging 21st century practitioner.

   – George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Wants and Needs: Gratitude Journal / Diary
Wants and Needs: Gratitude Journal / Diary
(2)  Measure your daily spiritual exercise.  There are many apps and technological gadgets to help you exercise your body, simply by reminding you to work out or updating your status with how many calories you burn.  It’s helpful to keep a record on whether your getting stronger or weaker, healthier or sicker?  But what about your spiritual exercises?  This new app can help!  Consider it.  Click HERE to learn more.

(3) Be generous!  The CRS Rice Bowl offers recipes, stories about our Catholic Church’s efforts to help people in developing nations, but also a practical way to be generous.  Let the world know you care and that you’re using these Lenten Recipes to help form your consciences and your culinary culture.  A healthy faith requires a healthy amount of generosity.

(4) Go on a pilgrimage.  A healthy faith requires stepping outside of ourselves and experiencing the “universal” aspect of the church.  So go out there an see the world and how wonderfully affective the Catholic Faith has been for it!  There are still some spaces left for the once-in-a-lifetime trip to celebrate the great Mystic and Doctor of the Church, St. Theresa of Avila’s 500th Anniversary of her birth.  The entire country of Spain is celebrating this year with feasts for body, mind and soul.  Join us for this incredible trip with me and Patrick Coffin of Catholic Answers Live.  Call Select International at 800.842.4842 to reserve your spot.
(5)  Use Technology for God:  The Redeemed Online organization has provided anyone who signs up, a free daily meditation for everyday during Lent.  I was honored to be asked to speak first, which you can watch HERE.  It’s a great way to grow in your faith, so that the final product at Easter is a better version of you!  To sign up for the rest of the Lenten meditations, click HERE and make sure to #ShareJesus with all others
(1) What do you think is the most important ingredient for a good life in faith?
(2) What is a unique ingredient to help in your faith life?


Let Us Pray:

 “Father, help us to remember that following the recipe of faith also requires us to make sure we have the ingredients of faith.  Remind us if we may be missing an important part of our faith – including an attitude of joy!  Help us to trust that you call us to produce faith because you generously provide the ingredients.  May we learn everyday how to be your follower as Christ taught us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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