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“Nourish Your Faith”

As you read this, a group of Grace Before Meals pilgrims is traveling through the Holy Land on our “Nourish Your Faith” Pilgrimage.  This unique (and first time ever trip) is part of our ongoing effort to connect food and our faith.  And it’s working. 

What pretty food, eh?

Our group is visiting specialty restaurants, picking herbs and spices, getting hands-on experience in making biblical and traditional local foods, and most importantly, working with Chefs for Peace.

Chefs for Peace is an international organization of Christian, Jewish and Muslim chefs who show the world peace is possible, and that food is certainly an important part of the peace process. Perhaps, we should call this “piece” of our trip “peace” meals.

As an apostolate of the church committed to bringing God’s family around the dinner table, Grace Before Meals is increasing opportunities for you to do this around the globe by traveling with me and other faithful foodies.

Spice Market

Consider this blast an invitation for you to express your travel interests for the future.  For example, at a recent auctioned dinner event for a local Catholic School, the dinner guests were very excited to hear about the “Fruit of the Vine & Work of Human Hands,” a Napa Valley trip that I’ll soon be organizing for the fall 2014.

This group of wonderful people want to go to NYC and Napa Valley with me and the Grace Before Meals Team.

We are also planning a very unique trip to New York City, which I may be calling “The Big Apple – The Blessed Fruit Tour.” The tour would combine looking at the nation’s religious immigrant history, visiting beautiful churches, exploring the food world including pizza making classes, and even possibly participation in a live audience for one of the Catholic Channel Sirius XM 129 Shows – maybe even my own show, “Entertaining Truth” with co-host Tom Leopold. 

In the meantime, we will be praying for you at the Holy Shrines of Israel.

So, please be sure to think big in 2014.  Come and be a more active part of our faithful foodie adventures. You’ll see how the style of travels that I lead give people a great blend of spiritual, culinary, theological, educational, and recreational explorations.  

Falafel and humus – which I can’t seem to get enough of while in Israel.



  • Where would you like to travel with Fr. Leo? Please give us suggestions.
  • Let us know if you’d like to be a group leader for your parish or organization and help fill up the tour spaces quickly.
  • Where is the place you traveled and experienced God the most? Was this a surprise to you?


Your comments and questions will help keep our focus and energies on bringing more people to the Table!  Post your comments below.

Let us pray:

Father, we are a pilgrim church, which means we must always be exploring the mysteries of Your kingdom and never limiting Your love by not getting out and seeing this beautiful world of Yours.  Give us courage to be true pilgrims, in search of goodness, beauty and truth. Grant safety to all en route between destinations.  And, give peaceful rest to those whose pilgrimage on earth has come to an end.  Help us to know You are with us every step of our way. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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