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We wish you a Mary’s Christmas!

We have only a few weeks until the birth of Christ.  All focus is on Jesus’ Birthday.  But in this month of December, the Catholic Church celebrates has two major celebrations that focus on his Mother – Mary.  December 8th, we had the Holy Day of Obligation to celebrate the Immaculate Conception.  Today – December 12, we celebrate one of the most popular devotions, especially for Spanish Speaking countries, dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

While some may question, why such a focus on Mary instead of Jesus, the Church teaches that Jesus’ mother helps to prepare for the coming of Christ.  Her presence in Scripture offers profound theological reflection for Christians.  But, without turning this E-Blast into a Mariology class, it’s important to remember that a pregnant woman prepares for the birth of her baby unlike any other member of the family.  Since Mary is the mother of Jesus, she knew Him intimately for nine months in her womb.  She would feed Him with her very body. She would be there at the first miracle (a food miracle) when Jesus turned water into wine.  She would be the first Christian invited to the banquet of the Lamb of God in the feast of the Assumption.

While many prepare for the Birth of Christ by getting gifts for family members, Mary seeks to prepare room in our hearts to love Him. And she invites us to clean our hands and our souls (through the sacrament of Confession) so that we can eventually hold Him. In other words, Mary wants to give US a gift:  the gift of the  Life that is in her womb.

Mary feeds Jesus.


This message is perfectly captured in today’s feast day, Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This devotion has a very special place in my heart, because I had the incredible opportunity to actually visit the vault that holds this ancient tilma that bears the image of Jesus’ mother.  The history, the facts and the inspiration of this incredible image are purely miraculous.  The story of this image is so powerful that it should be told, not just in words or in a book, but on the big screen!

Big Screen? Driving to an event in Delaware I came across this billboard, featuring a big picture of me! How humbling, funny, and almost “dangerous” as even I was shocked by it!


That’s why I want to invite you to a special screening of The Blood & The Rose from award- winning producer, Tim Watkins.  He is also the Executive Producer of Grace Before Meals.  This film is more than a movie or docudrama.  It’s a history lesson, homily, meditation, and work of art.  The screening will be held in Washington D.C., the night before the March for Life.  I will also be there to give a talk to help introduce this incredible movie.  Please come and celebrate life that came from the Virgin Mother’s womb and placed it in our hearts, minds, and souls – as food – to save us and bring us to Heaven.


  • Have you ever been to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe?
  • Do you know how much scientific research was done on this unique piece of miraculous art?  
  • How do you think Mary prepares us for Christmas?  
  • Do you think mothers have a unique bond to their children?  If yes, how?  


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Share this gift with the ones that you love and help bring them together in faith and love…and food.


Let Us Pray:

Father in Heaven, You gave us Mary to be our spiritual mother.  May her prayerful intercession, virtue, and holy example inspire us to love Jesus as she loves Him, and may our faith in Jesus help us also to learn to love Mary, His Mother, as He loves her.  Amen.



Mary, as our Spiritual Mother – if in fact, Jesus is truly our Spiritual Brother and Lord.



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The USCCB recommends Spicing Up Married Life ‘For Your Marriage’ is an initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to help save relationships and marriages by providing them with proper guidance and tips from a Catholic perspective. In other words, its the perfect fit to share Spicing Up Married Life! Check out their review by clicking here.  


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