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Moms and Motherhood

Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY!  Accordingly, this month of May has long been dedicated to a spiritual mother of supreme excellence – the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus – who is our God.  This month, and this particular Sunday, reminds us that moms are so much more than “important.”  They are absolutely necessary!

So to compliment the biological side of motherhood, I also want to encourage all to see how mothers are called to be spiritual mothers as well.  Motherhood isn’t limited to bringing a body into this world.  Real motherhood is about recognizing and nurturing how you bring a soul – a future saint – into this world.

When I was in Calcutta, India, I worked with the Missionaries of Charity – the religious sisters founded by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.  They are like spiritual mothers to so many people.  In many ways, while they haven’t had any biological children of their own, one of their responsibilities is to be mothers to orphaned children.  Gratefully, some orphaned children are adopted into loving homes.  Many others grow up in the orphanage with the Missionaries of Charities becoming their sisters, friends and mothers.

Little “Hiya” was recently adopted by a loving couple from Europe through the efforts of the Missionaries of Charity.

On this trip I met a young girl, recently married, and now pregnant with her first child.  I was told that according to the Indian tradition, the expectant mother returns to her home in preparation for the child’s birth.  It helps the young girl remember how she was raised in a loving home.  In this case, this former orphan, now newly married woman and soon-to-be-mother, returned to her orphanage home to give birth.

This young woman, recently married, was raised in an orphanage by the Missionaries of Charity.

She and her husband were so excited to return to her “home” – even though it was orphanage.  Despite her official status as being raised without parents, she knew she had a “mother” looking after her through the Missionaries of Charity.  She explained to me that the religious sisters were the best mothers a girl could have.  Meeting this young girl and hearing her story was a touching and moving reminder of moms and motherhood as a necessary part of God’s loving plan.

This Mother’s Day consider praying for your moms in a special way.  By feeding us in their womb, they give us life.  By giving us spiritual food and by teaching their children how to pray, know, love, and serve God, these mothers give their children spiritual life with the reward of Eternal Life.

Statue of Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta as she accepted and raised children abandoned on the streets of Calcutta.

Let us Pray:


Father of all, may You bless our mothers with the reward of bringing life into the world.  We pray that a culture of life will help all to recognize a supreme gift of mothers who give life – both biological life and spiritual life to all of God’s children.  May our Blessed Mother’s Prayers give comfort and encouragement to all mothers who face challenging situations, and may our mothers who have died be given God’s mercy and His eternal reward in Heaven.  We ask all through Christ our Lord.  Amen. 



  • What is the quality about your mother that you appreciate the most?
  • Who are some of your “spiritual mothers” and why?
  • What is the best Mother’s Day Gift you have given/received?

Your responses and posts to these questions, along with any other comments, are very helpful in keeping our movement strong.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions.

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