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Valentine’s Day & 50 Shades of Grace

By definition, “passion” comes from the Latin verb, “Pati.”  It doesn’t mean passion exclusively in a sexual sense.  It actually means “to suffer.”  True passion means love worth suffering for.  It’s the kind of love that made Valentine, the martyr for Christ, the inspiration for St. Valentine’s Day. It’s no coincidence that Cupid’s arrow painfully piercing the heart is a popular symbol of love.  Love and passion don’t always feel good.

St. Valentine. Not quite as cutesy as a little angel with a heart-shaped arrow (Picture courtesy of

In light of the controversial highly female-erotic movie based on the popular book to be released on St. Valentine’s Day, I wanted to offer a reflection that can hopefully respect the many different opinions about this film and the topic of love. Since everyone else is talking about 50 Shades of Grey, I instead want to talk about “50 Shades of Grace”!
The classical philosophers note that love has many dimensions, generally characterized as  “shades” or ways of understanding love. Philosopher and Theologian, CS Lewis describes the Greek understanding of storge (affection), philia (friendship), agape (a Godly love of charity), and eros (erotic or romantic love) in his book “The Four Loves.”  While the commercially popularized fiction novel-turned-movie 50 Shades of Grey may not be the best context for discussion, all the talk about this movie shows a real need to discuss the topic of eros for the modern world.
People of faith cannot be afraid of the topic of human sexuality.  There just needs to be a better place to discuss the inner secrets, longings and our human need for physical love in a world that is so broken and inhabited by people equally broken.  While the commercialization of this topic is shameful, we have to overcome the shame that people have when discussing this topic.

Young Couples from the Manila Philippines, some of whom are connected to the movement, “Couples for Christ.”

Where is the best place to discuss this topic?  Our faith teaches us that we ought to talk about these topics in a few different places – and the movie theatre is not the best place!  Instead of talking about this topic so publicly, it is best to start a conversation with God in prayer.  Yes, God won’t blush if you’re honest with Him in prayer.
Another place to discuss this topic, especially if we let the brokenness get the best of us, is in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Confession isn’t a “counseling” session per se.  The priest – especially an experienced confessor who has heard a lot of confessions – can tell you that private sins, if brought to the light of grace in the Sacrament can be a real opportunity for true and humble love. Confession really provides education about this sensitive topic – which is much more than a novel or movie can offer.
Finally, another place to discuss this very private topic is with your spouse.  What should be obvious is not. Admittedly, many couples do not know how or have the courage to share their concerns about physical intimacy or sexual needs with their spouses. Despite the age of information, many couples are uninformed or misunderstand the church’s very positive outlook on human sexuality. Certainly, the Church’s teachings approach the topic of sexuality with sensitivity but not out of embarrassment. It is always out of respect for the power eros possesses.  Eros has power to do great-saint-making-good, but also great destruction.  It requires a sensitive, honest, and faithful discussion!

One of the many couples who attended the Marriage Enrichment Night near Pittsburgh.

A priest can’t stop a person from watching the movie or reading this book or other books and movies like it. It is interesting that even many secular observers have deemed this movie raunchy, seedy, or inappropriate for public consumption.  That should be prevention enough! Perhaps in prayer you may realize that God offers you a better experience of love – all shades of it – if we  allow Him into the inner, most intimate recesses of our hearts.  While the content of the book and film will raise eyebrows, and in some regards, bolster the efforts of a misguided sexual revolution, it remains a legitimate topic that ought to be discussed.  My questions and challenges for you are where, how and with whom ought this discussion take place?
The title of this email blast “50 Shades of Grace” came from my meditation on the 50 beads of the Holy Rosary.  Yes, Mary was a passionate woman.  She can really help women understand the deeper meaning of love.  On St. Valentines Day, do something romantic and passionate with your spouse:  pray the rosary together.  It’s truly more than 50 shades of Grace!

Mother Mary.

As you prepare for St. Valentine’s Day, use this opportunity to learn more about what the Church teaches about marriage, sexuality, intimacy and couple’s conversation through my book, Spicing Up Married Life. This book has been used by marriage preparation programs, couple enrichment nights, and couples across America. Counselors use the book to help heal and strengthen those relationships that need God’s grace.   Couples who have used this book develop an understanding of the theological language of marriage.  They begin to appreciate, not fear, the Catholic Church’s very positive teaching on human intimacy, sexuality, and the need for all types of love – including romance!  Consider this book a gift for you and your spouse, fiancé, or a couple preparing for marriage.

Click to order the book online in time for Valentine’s Day!

In our world where love and sex can become mutually exclusive or confused, it’s always helpful to know that there is someone you can talk to about your deepest desires of love and intimacy –  the true doctor, the Divine Physician.  Let God pull you out of the grey areas of this topic and bring you into the light of true love.  The Doctor will see you now!
Let us Pray: Lord, teach us how to love. It’s so easy to get caught up in the confusion of emotions that we get lost on our way as we seek the Love that fulfills.  We pray for those who are hurting because of unbridled and abusive power of the eros.  We pray for those caught up in the industry that confuses sex for love.  We pray that none of us become destructively critical, but humbly aware that these sins – no matter how embarrassing they may be – are ultimately forgivable by God’s loving mercy.  Help us to love dear God as Jesus taught us by his Passion! Amen.

Food For Thought:
(1) Do you have a book title to help you understand the church’s teaching of human, physical love and intimacy?
(2) What special meal do you have planned to celebrate St. Valentines Day?
(3) How can you make God a more intimate part of your relationship with your spouse?


Do something romantic for Valentine’s Day and consider giving a trip of a life time!  Join me and Patrick Coffin to Spain, and learn about the “Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila” and the mystic Spanish Doctors who help us to know God as the Beloved!



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Videos of Fr. Leo’s 

Excellent Adventures

Fr. Leo is back in Italy right now following a Couples’ Retreat with Teresa Tomeo and her husband, Deacon Don Pastore. As he reunites with his priest friends from seminary, it provides another opportunity to check out more on Fr. Leo’s latest adventures, pilgrimages and involvements. And he wants you to get involved.

1) Video Trailer for the Napa Valley Pilgrimage 2014

Click to see the video on Youtube and share with friends!


Fr. Leo led this pilgrimage back in 2011 and it was an incredible time. But don’t take out word for it, check out the trailer by clicking the linked image! Preview not only a wonderful experience and time with other pilgrims, enjoying the tastes of Napa Valley, but truly venture deeper into the Catholic faith in ways you never thought possible. The Fruit of the Vine, Work of Human Hands trip is November 9-14, 2014 and you can find out how to register by going to the following link:

2) Please Support the 225


Fr. Leo invites you to support The 225, a celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the first diocese in the United States, Baltimore, MD – the place he calls home. We’re planning a number of events featuring the award winning film, The Blood & The Rose with reflections from Father Leo and others. The Blood and The Rose is the most complete and inspiring documentary film about the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. These events provide a true opportunity for spiritual growth and evangelization, as well as a fundraising opportunity for your cause.

Purchase your spiritual event package before July 31, 2014, the 12th anniversary of St. Juan Diego’s canonization, to get it at the special discount $525. After July 31, the package will cost $1000.00 to license the film, so raise more funds for your parish, group, or organization while you can.
3) The Gift 

The Gift (Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving) has been gaining a lot of attention from parishes, media and faithful alike. Watch the video by clicking the image above and share with your parish to share the Gift with those in need. You can check with Alviti Creations to find out more about the Gift at

4) Return to the Holy Land

Following an incredible journey earlier in 2014, Fr. Leo is happy to return to the Holy Land on February 1-12, 2015, and you’re invited!

You can click the link below for the registration form to preview the adventure, and be sure to also check out some of Fr. Leo’s blog posts and video from earlier this year.

5) Stay in Touch

Some things never change! Check out more by going to Fr. Leo’s Facebook page.

Fr. Leo may be returning next week, but he hits the ground running, visiting Fairfax, VA, Ellicott City, MD, Spring Lake, NJ, Fort Wayne, IN, and more events before heading off for the Steubenville Conferences in June and July. So he will be sending out a number of Blasts from the Past in the coming summer months.
But no matter where he is, you can keep up and in touch with him via Facebook and Twitter. He loves to have a conversation, and would love to meet more of the ‘GBM fam’, so be sure to drop a line his way and SHARE with family and friends.

6) Check out Fr. Leo’s books & resources!
Finally, you should be sure to catch up on summer reading by checking out Fr. Leo’s newest book and theology of food, Epic Food Fight and get a Bite-Sized History of Salvation. And be sure to keep up with your month-a-versary with your spouse by checking out Spicing Up Married Life. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic Grace Before Meals, featuring the Famous Fusion Fajitas recipe that defeated Bobby Flay, coming up on the 5th Anniversary in June!

Let us Pray for those going on vacation:


Father in Heaven, guide all travelers in their destinations. Give them patience, joy, perseverance and love as they travel in these coming summer months.  Provide them safety and peace, now and until they reach their final destination in heaven, through your mercy and goodness, in the name of Jesus The Lord. 



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Relishing Resources and Reminders

Our recent trip to the Holy Land was an amazing experience; a real faith-filled culinary adventure for all the pilgrims who came on the journey. We hope the following trip highlights and resources help you get excited about your own culinary conversion.  


I was inspired to write this blast while watching my pilgrims try to soak up all of the information and inspiration during our trip. Many listened and took notes; writing with one hand, taking pictures with the other, all while trying to sample the cuisine. I know I always have the best intentions of organizing and cataloging all the resources that I gather on trips. But, if these pilgrims are anything like me, when they finally returned home, and the busyness of life began, all of their best intentions ended up on the back burner (get the food reference there?)  



of the Visitation of Mary to her Cousin Elizabeth in Ein Kerem.

One of the many blessings from this trip came from visiting shops, stores, restaurants and food centers that were primarily Christian, or at least “Christian friendly.” This means they hired Christians, provided good wages, and were fair and honest in their dealings with Christians.  Christians in the Holy Land are a minority group, making them easy targets for exploitation, discrimination, and unfairness.  Even though tourism, Christian pilgrimages in particular, is an economic source for Israel, local Christians are the focus of high taxes without representation and therefore subject to all sorts of trials.   


Sam, the Manager for the Jerusalem branch of Voice of Faith Tours, and his family.

Purchasing products from these Christians helps on so many levels.  In addition to supporting our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, these purchases provide tangible signs (i.e., sacramentals) to transmit faith as gifts. They also help you to savor your faith and stay connected to the education and inspiring experiences of your pilgrimage.  


A presentation by Chefs for Peace.

We also spent some time with Chefs for Peace, an amazing group we’ve talked about in previous blog posts that is committed to exploring cultural identity, diversity and coexistence through food. Besure to friend and like the Facebook page for Chefs for Peace , and even the individual chefs, such as Odeh Abue El-Hawa, Chef Nabil Aho who also provides fantastic recipes with Moon Valley Products, Pastry Chef Ibrahim Abusheir, and Executive Chef and Owner of The Eucalyptus Restaurant Moshe Basson.



Click the picture to get all of the recipes that Chef Nabil shared with the group.

Our US Tour operator was Select International Tours, and the local operator was Voice of Faith Tours, both groups collaborated so well and provided great service, especially since this was such a unique, first time, out-of-the-box styled pilgrimage.  


At the Spice Farm from the local kibbutz in what is known as the Bethlehem of Galilee, with our presenter.

The Kando Store souvenir shop in Bethlehem allows local Christians a venue to develop artistic crafts and to make a decent life for their families. This store also possesses the largest historical vessel of the Dead Sea Scrolls. 



The Kando Store is located in Bethlehem, PO Box 93, Palestine. For orders, contact Shibly’s email:

In Jericho, we celebrated Mass at the local parish, Good Shepherd, under the custody of the Franciscans. While they didn’t have the same resources as the donations from larger shrines provide, this place did a tremendous amount of good for the locals and for ecumenical and inter-religious efforts. Also in Jericho, we ate at a restaurant connected to a non-for-profit group called Seeds of Hope, a Christian organization to help less fortunate children in that area. 



Our pilgrim group at the Good Shepherd.

Next week, I’ll be sending out a list of all the recipes and food descriptions that we tasted along our delicious discernment in the Holy Land. These resources will hopefully help our pilgrims (and future pilgrims) stay organized, hungry, and faithfully fed!


Almost forgot the delicious award-winning wines from the Salesian monastery!




  • Are you good at organizing your pictures and resources after a big trip?
  • What’s your favorite go-to resource or recipe that you learned from one of your trips that you still use today?
  • What resources can Grace Before Meals provide for you and your family?


Please leave your comments below as these really help us stay focus and true to our mission. 

Let us Pray:  


Jesus, you give us experiences, resources and connections to help us in our faith.  We don’t always use our resources of the church well. Please forgive us for letting these grace-filled gifts go unused.  Give us strength to be truly the Body of Christ by connoting us to the other Christians around the world, supporting each other, and most importantly by praying for each other, learning from each other, and one day, celebrating with each other in the Kingdom of Heaven.  We ask this through your most holy name. Amen. 


Meaningful Souvenir T-Shirt at the Jordan River.

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Feel Good Falafels

Click for this week’s recipe



People joke that the word falafel can be pronounced, “feel awful.”  But the taste of these deep-fried and well-seasoned chickpea croquettes make me feel good – really good – because these remind me of the Resurrection of Jesus.  

Click the button of this flattering picture of me to get a glimpse at the awesome sights (and tastes) of my journey to the Holy Land.


Twenty years ago, as a seminarian studying abroad, I had the chance to visit biblical holy cities such as Nazareth, Galilee, and Jerusalem.  The Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem  is a basilica that enshrines Calvary, where Jesus died; the burial rock where he was laid; and the actual tomb of Jesus, from where Christians believe he was resurrected.  Secular and even non-Christian scientists and archaeologists agree Jesus of Nazareth, the historical person, walked there carrying a cross, died, and was buried at those places where people now worship God and pray.  It’s indeed a powerful place to pray, and I work very hard to try and recall – using all of my senses – to recreate and remember my experiences.

It’s not always so easy to remember these powerful moments.  However, the human sense of taste has helped me remember my spiritual visit.  Outside and around a few corners from the basilica, I saw a man busily scooping up a yellow green mixture, dropping these scoops into hot oil, straining out the cooked croquettes into paper napkins, and exchanging dollars or shekels with the swarm of people around him.  It was impressive to watch, hypnotic-like, especially with enticing aromas and the hum of the bustling crowd.

So I entered into the organized chaos with one U.S. dollar in my hand.  When it was my turn, no words were exchanged.  The man confidently took my dollar in one hand, and with the other he swapped these warm, dark, deep-fried nuggets.  I didn’t know what else to do but walk away and just marvel.  I didn’t even know what I was eating.  But in faith, I ate and was converted.

The open market of Jerusalem

I went back again the next day.  This time, I showed up early and awkwardly waited for him to get his first batch cooked.  He gave me that smile of recognition that gave me confidence.  Somehow, eating his food connected me to his history, culture, and possibly his faith.  He smiled as a father would approve of his child learning something new and important in life.  I felt like I had grown up a little more just by expanding the experience into even more flavors while taking only one bite.

Chef for Peace, Nabil Marcos Aho, demonstrates how to make falafels.

Faith, God’s gift to us, needs to mature, indeed expand, if we are to benefit from this Gift.  It has to become incarnate, that is, take on flesh, because we are sensory people.  We need to touch the rock of Calvary, see the candles compete with the shadows of the darkened tomb, hear the chanting and murmurs of simple but sincere prayers, and also taste the bread and wine to connect us to the last things Jesus tasted on earth.

Wine tasting and lecture at LaSalle Monastery near Jerusalem.


Twenty years later, I now lead pilgrims to share these experiences of faith through food.  To help heighten their experiences I try to offer them opportunities using the senses of taste and smell, but also with practical teaching, so we can eat, remember, pray, and feel God smiling on us with each bite.  

Click Here for the Falafel Recipe and a little history, provided by Chef for Peace, Chef Nabil Marcos Aho.

The Tomb of Jesus Christ.
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  • What foods remind you of the Resurrection?
  • Have you ever eaten something “out of faith” and found you loved it?
  • How can you put your own spin into this traditional falafel recipe?

Your comments and questions are an important part of sharing our message and our meals.  Please leave your comments below.

Let us Pray:

Father, You give us so many ways to stay connected to Your love.  Help us never to limit our experiences of faith, but to truly expand our knowledge of You.  May we taste and see Your goodness each day, with every bite we eat and with every morsel of bread we offer to Your hungry children.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Oak Grove, MN
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Fr. Leo’s newest book

Epic Food Fight: A Bite-Sized History of Salvation is out TODAY and you can order your copy on


To commemorate the occasion, we are holding an EPIC contest to promote the release of the book.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Just in time for the release of Fr. Leo’s newest book, Epic Food Fight: A Bite Sized History of Salvation, we want you to promote this book to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and your own blog. Embed the code, like Fr. Leo on Facebook and follow him on Twitter to be entered into a Rafflecopter giveaway in which you will be entered to win a copy of his latest book, signed by Fr. Leo! 

The first 50 orders of “Epic Food Fight” will get an autographed copy from Fr. Leo!



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Peaceful Views on Food


The popular and delicious St. Peter’s Fish, aka Tilapia, prepared by Chef Joseph at his restaurant Magdalene, in the town of Mary Magdalene. Recipe to follow in upcoming Blasts.

My recent trip to the Holy Land left me with great inspiration.  I’m dedicating the next few E-blasts to keep you all updated with everything (almost everything) that happened on this trip.  Remember, this is the VERY FIRST pilgrimage of its kind!  Even the security screeners at the Tel Aviv airport were excited to hear of Grace Before Meals’ efforts to bring together faith, food, culture, and cuisine.  

At one of the stops I passed by a small shop and taste-tested crepes made by young aspiring chefs in the Christian Quarters. These crepes were pretty tasty!

As such, we are already planning another trip (or possibly two) to the Holy Land next year.

From the view of Dominus Flevit Church, i.e., “The Church Where the Lord Wept,” overlooking the city of Jerusalem.

What made this a unique trip was its food-centric focus.  My traveling philosophy is to see a country through the eyes of faith and through your stomach. 

At a local farm in Jericho – the oldest city in recorded history. There we worked with local farm helpers to pick our fresh vegetables, which were prepared at the Green Valley Restaurant. Recipe to follow.

In other words, if we really want to get to know a country and see it well, then we have to understand how people pray and what they believe – no matter what religion they profess. At the same time, we must also be willing to taste their local cuisine for ourselves, and in this case, learn how to make some of the cuisine too.

Young Chefs at the Notre Dame Culinary and Hospitality Program teaching and preparing falafels for our pilgrims. Another recipe to come.

Enter Chefs for Peace!

By now, if you’ve kept up with my past Blasts and social media news bites, you already know Chefs for Peace is an organization that started with the inspiration of a Christian man living in the Holy Land.  He discovered a unique phenomenon.  While politicians and military types were fighting with each other, based on their politics or their religion, a group of chefs of different religions and different political backgrounds actually worked together, cooked together, conversed with each other and even fed one another from the kitchen.

The Organizers. Left to Right – Chef George, Ode, Moshe, Nebil, and two assistant chefs from an Armenian Restaurant located in the Armenian Quarter of the Holy Land.

From this inspiration, Chefs for Peace has become an integral part of the peace process, beginning one meal at a time.  For the pilgrims and the Chefs, we were all very much inspired to spread the message.  Eating food that was prepared before our very eyes added greater connection and meaning to the local people and to the faith they celebrated.  

A vendor from the Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem sharing remarkable insights about the concentrate from the citron fruit.

This opened our eyes to the possibility of peace, because as they work with big, sharp knives, they were fulfilling the prophecy in Isaiah, “They have turned their spears into plowshares, swords into pruning hooks.” (Isaiah 2:4).

Chefs for peace, especially in the Holy Land, recognize that meals, lovingly prepared and shared, are a very viable answer for the peace talks.   

Demonstration of an Iraqi bread-making shop. The word for the type of oven used is translated as a “womb” to highlight how from the womb we are given the bread, which is life.

I pray that politicians, heads of state, and government agencies, as well as leaders of armed forces, will see that differences in religion do not mean a divorce from the conversation.  In fact, Jesus showed clearly that dinner conversations can lead to dinner conversions of the heart.   

The Head Chef and his staff at the wine and cheese reception offered to our group by Voice of Faith Travel and Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem.

It’s said that the way to man’s heart is through the stomach.  That’s certainly true for the dishes Chefs for Peace prepared –  delicious, interestingly unique, and yet very traditional cuisine, prepared in the local customary style or with a little fusion pizzazz.  The result was delicious food that warmed the hearts, minds, and souls.  Hearing their stories, learning about their culture, and celebrating at the table of plenty made this an experience of a lifetime.

Vineyard stop at the LaSalle Academy, which supports itself by selling award-winning wine.

With this FIRST EVER Faith and Food pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we could literally, “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord” (Psalm 34:8). 

At Grotto Restaurant in Bethlehem, working with staff on how to make fresh pita with za’atar.
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Enter the contest below or click to pre-order your copy of Fr. Leo’s book, coming out February 11.
Just in time for the release of Fr. Leo’s newest book, Epic Food Fight: A Bite Sized History of Salvation, we want you to promote this book to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and your own blog. Embed the code, like Fr. Leo on Facebook and follow him on Twitter to be entered into a Rafflecopter giveaway in which you will be entered to win a copy of his latest book, signed by Fr. Leo!
Valentine’s Day is next Friday and now is a the perfect time to get Fr. Leo’s acclaimed cookbook, Spicing Up Married Life. For the month of February, if you buy a copy of Spicing Up Married Life, you will get a FREE Wine Pairings insert from Wine Expert John Buechsenstein.


John Buechsenstein, CHE John Buechsenstein has been a winemaker and wine educator in California for many years.




  • Have you ever eaten a meal with someone of a different religion? What did you learn?  Was it a good experience?   
  •  Do you think enemies could ever eat together and help bring about world peace?   
  •  Different religions have different dietary restrictions.  What’s your understanding of pure versus impure foods?

Please post your comments and questions. These mean so much to our Grace Before Meals team and our community of faithful foodies.  

Let us pray:


Father in Heaven, Lord or all, bless all of those who participated in any way in this most recent pilgrimage.  Bless those who served and made this such a wonderful experience.  May the blessings we received, especially at the hands of our fantastic hosts and Chefs for Peace, help us to spread the Good News wherever we go.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Louisville, KY
Towson, MD
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