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I receive a daily message from an apostolate to help us better understand Mary’s role in our life. This is a nice story that I thought would be inspiring. Enjoy!

By the way, I was asked by a friend of mine – the vocation director of Rapid City South Dakota (Fr. Brian Christensen) to say a big “Hello” to his mother in Long Island in New York. Fr. Christensen’s family is just like mine – lots of grandchildren, loud, always laughing. So, when I met them for the first time many years ago, I felt immediately at home. They reminded me of my own family. The difference was, they were caucasion and much taller! Mrs. Christensen, enjoy the book and I look forward to making one of those recipes with you all hopefully very soon!

The Saving Grace of the Rosary

Grandfather was a slate worker. He went to work every morning, on foot, reciting his rosary. At that time, there was no public transportation. It took him thirty minutes to get there and thirty minutes back. And he spent the time praying.

One morning, a good while after leaving the house, he realized that he had forgotten his rosary. He was perplexed. What should he do? Continue on his way to work or go back home to get it? He made his decision quickly, turned around and ran back home. He returned in haste, but got to work 10 minutes late. His fellow workers were waiting for him at the gate, because, as the manager, he had the keys to the building site. Together, they all entered the mine.

Just before going down, they heard a din of thunder. The men looked at each other terrified. Something had subsided. The mountain was collapsing. Thanks to God, no workman was in the mine at the time. After the first control, the men found that enormous blocks of rocks had detached walls inside the mine and blocked several galleries…

If Grandfather had not been late that day, many workmen would have been killed in this catastrophic event. And perhaps he himself as well! At that moment, all the men realized that God and the Virgin Mary had protected them. When Grandfather came home that evening and told me the news, I trembled from head to foot.

Since this occurrence, the rosary has had the place of honor in our family. We will never forget that it preserved us from many a catastrophe.

Written by Inge Kowalski, in “Retendes Gottes volk”,
Published by Fr. Albert Pfleger


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Posted September 25th, 2007 | Audio

Click Here to hear part 1 and Click Here to hear part 2 of the audio from Speak Now.

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It has been a Carolina kinda’ week. First, it started last weekend with a quick visit on Sunday to St. Thomas More in Chapel Hill North Carolina where families gathered for an evening talk about the “Domestic Church and Primary Educators.” I was there for a total of 4 hours, but Wow, it was a great 4 hours and a great crowd! It made me think that every time I’ve been to the Raleigh Diocese for talks, it’s always been for less than a full 24 hours. I would love to stay and visit longer should another event come about!

Then just this past weekend I was back in the thick of the Carolinas again. First, Speaking at 3 venues for the 3rd Annual Eucharistic Congress for the Diocese of Charlotte North Carolina. I think it grew from last year with over 7,000 people in attendance. As in the past three years, I’ve been so impressed with the great work of Fr. Roger Arnsparger, who orchestrated several committee heads and hundreds of lay volunteer ministries for a smooth and faith filled event. I am always so inspired by this group of faithful people!

It was also a little bit of a launch for the New Book: Grace Before Meals, Recipes for Family Life. It’s NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Signing GBM Books

Thank God the Book was a hit with lots of the people there. It was also humbling to have so many people buy boxes of the books as Christmas Gifts. I had to admit, my hand started to hurt a little bit with the number of signings, but the excitement of the people really pumped me up and kept me going! What a great, great day it was for the people of Charlotte.

Book Signing 2

In Charlotte, my nieces and nephews also performed in their 4th WORD UP Concert – a youth “hip hop”, singing and dance concert that promotes modern and fresh sounds but with positive, and even faith filled lyrics. They “rocked” the house!!! I’m so proud of them!


The next day, I was off in a car with the Producer, Tim Watkins. We made our way to Lexington South Carolina for a Family Day Celebration for the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina. The Pastor of Corpus Christi Church, Fr. Bob Sayer, welcomed Kathy Schmugge and the Family Life Office to host a Grace Before Meals Cooking Demonstration. That was lots of fun. Many asked about the Shrimp Recipe, so see below for that. I’ll eventually put out the Sweetened Blue Cheese Cilantro topping for the steak as well in another weekly Blast – so please be sure to sign up!

I also had the chance to celebrate 2 Masses at the parish and to preach about the importance of the Family. Yesterday’s Gospel challenged us: we can either serve God or Money. We can either consider God as a “Boss” or as “Father.” We can’t have 2 masters. So, who is the master of your family? God – who wants to strengthen your family, or just a bunch of activities that prevent you from coming together as a family?

Let’s just say that this weekend was BUSY! But, I’d not have it any other way. I want to give a shout out to the people of Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Charleston. As I said in my homily yesterday, “I LOVE THE SOUTH!”

I’ll also work on my Southern Accent!

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Posted September 24th, 2007 | Recipes
  • 24 deveined shrimp (either pealed or still in shells) and put on wooden skewers or set aside to be sautéed
  • ½ can of Sprite or Sierra Mist (let it go flat by letting it sit 1-2 hours in the open)
  • 2 teaspoons of fresh garlic, chopped
  • 2 teaspoons of regular ketchup
  • ½ teaspoon of salt and pepper
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil

Combine garlic, ketchup, olive oil, salt, pepper and soda in a nonreactive bowl. Season shrimp on skewers with salt and pepper. Pour marinade over shrimp and set aside for ½ hour. Put skewers on grill for 2-3 minutes on each side or until the shells turn pink or the shrimp meat turns firm and more white in color. Serve over a creamy noodle dish or over rice.

You could also sauté the shrimp (not on skewers) in a pan over medium heat. Add some of the marinade to the pan to cook and to create a sauce over pasta or rice.

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Click Here to check out this weeks email blast.

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Click Here to check out this weeks email blast.

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