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If you are signed up for the weekly email blasts you’ll read about the feast day that’s celebrated every August 29th – the Beheading of John the Baptist. After Mass today one of the other priests who works in the seminary stopped me to tell me an interesting “fun fact” about how the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church Celebrate this Feast. For them, it’s actually a day to fast. They are not allowed to eat anything spherical, such as lettuce, cabbage, or even cocoa puffs – because the spherical nature of the foods would be too similar to a head (a head of lettuce, a head of cabbage – you get the point). AND, they are not allowed to eat foods on a platter either. Bowls are ok, but no platter and no round foods! The significance is obvious, albeit somewhat funny.

Another thing: I just finished writing the summary for the trip that I led to Italy (August 6-17). It’s about 12 pages long, so I thought it would be interesting for the rest of the viewers to see what kind of fun we had this most recent pilgrimage. So, I may be posting a few of the days at a time to whet your appetite for a future trip that I plan to lead next year – possibly late May or early June, 2008. I’m calling it the “Feeding Your Faith Pilgrimage!” It should be a fun and inspiring opportunity. If you see these random blog entries about Italy, you now know where it came from and why I posted them.

By the way – we’re spreading this site around to all parts of the world, and so thanks for sharing in this mission. I just got invitation to speak in Japan! Maybe not this year, but I’m going to be in that area next July! It’s very true, there’s more of a feast day to celebrate when there’s more people with whom to celebrate. Thank you for sharing the blasts with your family and friends and thank you for encouraging others to sign up and to join our table!


Fr. Leo

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Click Here to hear the audio from Dutch Podcast.

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Click Here to hear the audio from Beheading of John.

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  • 1 cup of diced zucchini, sautéed
  • 4 eggs
  • ½ teaspoon of flour
  • 4 teaspoons of water
  • 2 teaspoons of olive oil
  • 4 tablespoons of your favorite spaghetti sauce
  • ¼ cup of mozzarella cheese
  • Salt and pepper


Heat 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a pan and sauté the zucchini, season with salt and pepper. Once cooked, set aside. In a bowl, mix flour and water together to create a thickening agent for the omelet. Break eggs into the flour/water mixture and beat the eggs to a smooth consistency. Add 2 pinches of salt and 2 cracks of black pepper for seasoning, according to your taste. In a medium-sized nonstick pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add the egg mixture and cover pan for approximately 2-3 minutes. To flip the omelet, put a plate on top of the pan, then turn the pan over so the cooked side of the omelet is exposed. Return the omelet to the pan by sliding the omelet back onto the pan to cook the bottom side. Immediately spread out the spaghetti sauce, and top off with the cheese and the zucchini. Cover and let cook for another 3-5 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

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Click Here to check out this weeks email blast.

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I’m so glad that the Blog audience are people who believe in forgiveness, because I’m constantly asking for it, especially for not following through with my promise for more regular blog entries. Again, sorry for the delay in this part of our GBM Mission.

As you may or may not know, I’m the new Director of Pastoral Field Education at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary. Besides having a huge learning curve – a pastoral task very different from parish work – I also have a very limited time to learn it. The problem: I am a very slow learner! Not a good combination, huh?

Again, thank God that He is patient. Also, thank God for my predecessor, Fr. Harris who helped put together copious notes and prepartory documents to facilitate this task which really kicks into high gear NOW.

In order to avoid complaining, I want to wish my home parish a HAPPY FEAST DAY. Today, we celebrate Saint Rose of Lima. When I hiked the Inca Trail in the beautiful country of Peru (2003) I had an opportunity to visit the tomb of St. Rose of Lima. St. Rose Church has been my home parish ever since I moved to America with my family in 1972. Her statue in my church has always been so inspiring and moving to me. It shows a beautiful girl with a religious habit, holding roses but crowned with thorns. Her life reminds me of a “Mother Theresa Styled Missionary” of service, charity, purity and sacrifice for the people of Peru in the 1500’s.

Today in the seminary we celebrated Mass in Spanish. It was a great way to remember my short visit in Peru and to recognize the universal aspect of the Catholic Church. It also reminded me of the Peruvian Cuisine. I obviously have to bring up food in this forum. It’s a dish that surprised me. It’s called “Anticucho” – I know that it’s spelled incorrectly, but that’s because my Spanish isn’t that good at all. But, allow me to describe the dish. it’s a succulent cut of beaf so tender, probably even more tender than filet mignon. After I ate it, my hosts informed me that it was a cow’s heart. Much to my surprise, because I’m generally not too big into organ meats. It may sound gross (I know), but it was very, very tender and tasty. I’m interested in learning more about this dish. If there is anyone with Peruvian culinary knowledge (or anyone who has a recipe), please let us know. Today’s feast is definitely worth celebrating – from the heart! Ooh, bad joke, I know. But, that’s what you get from a guy who has little time to prepare better blogs!

I’ll try and write more sooner rather than later.


Fr. Leo

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